Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sexy Stilettos Day 1

Hey guys! Well I just had my first class yesterday and it was GREAT!!! I forgot how much fun I really have when I'm dancing. I was really glad when Stephanie remembered me since I went to school with her younger sister. Stephanie is definitely a high class teacher and her choreography is definitely amazing. It was a bit intense for me to get back to dance since the first 20-30 min is basically working out our legs, abs, arms and etc. The rest of the class was choreo time. She is a bit fast pace for learning but I was able to keep up with her. Some of the parts still needs work for me but I'll be practicing it for sure. The song we are doing the choreography to is Shots by LMAFO. Well thats it for now I'll put a new post next week. Cya. :)

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