Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey guys sorry I haven't been writing recently but my dance class from Stephanie are over right
now and I do plan to go back to dance in Sept or October. So for now have a great summer everyone!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sexy Stilettos Day 5

Another day, Another awesome class. This week's choreo is to Glam by Christina Augilera. The choreo was quite interesting to work with because it is one of those choreo where everything makes sense when dancing with the music. There is this clapping part which made the choreo look odd to me but when we did that part to the music, everything made sense. I really liked this choreo even though there were a few harder parts for me this time. Timing is definitely everything in dance, one step too slow and you could screw up all the other dance moves. Anyways thats it for today and talk to you next week!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sexy Stilettos Day 4

Hey guys! So this week's Choreo is definitely more sexy out of all the choreography that she has from the previous classes. This week there were more body rolls then last week, which is good since it gives me a chance to practice my body rolls. Have you been practicing your body rolls? Anyways, there were more hip movements, pumping and showing off your body type thing. This week we did the choreo to Little Freak by Usher which was a really fun song to dance to and really gets your body moving. Well next week I will write again bye for now!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sexy Stilettos Day 3

Ok so day 3 has arrived. And of course another awesome class. Today we did our choreography to Blow by Shakira. The choreography for this song was easier then the other two but still as much fun to learn. She taught us a way to practice our body rolls. How? Go to a wall then touch only your head, then only nose, lips, chin, shoulders, chest, and finally the legs. This was definitely an interesting way of learning to do body rolls. Anyways that is about it for today and will have a new post next week. Cya.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sexy Stilettos Day 2

Class number 2!! We did a new choreography to a song called Candy ( sorry didn't get the artist). Anyways another great class. Today we did a lot of head movement which caused myself to have a sore neck the next day. O well. I'm starting to get faster at learning the choreography better and be able to get the timing down better. Anyways no class next week due to victoria day but will blog the week after that. Cya guys soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sexy Stilettos Day 1

Hey guys! Well I just had my first class yesterday and it was GREAT!!! I forgot how much fun I really have when I'm dancing. I was really glad when Stephanie remembered me since I went to school with her younger sister. Stephanie is definitely a high class teacher and her choreography is definitely amazing. It was a bit intense for me to get back to dance since the first 20-30 min is basically working out our legs, abs, arms and etc. The rest of the class was choreo time. She is a bit fast pace for learning but I was able to keep up with her. Some of the parts still needs work for me but I'll be practicing it for sure. The song we are doing the choreography to is Shots by LMAFO. Well thats it for now I'll put a new post next week. Cya. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hey Everyone! I am a person who has always had a passion for dance. Unfortunately, I haven't
been able to do dance for about a year or two and has finally made some time for my passion. I hope I will continously attend different kinds of dance lessons for the years to come. I recently just signed up for a class called the Sexy stilettos dance taught by Stephanie Sy. (sexystilettosdance.com). My class starts next wednesday so from there on I will be blogging all my experiences and thoughts about dance. So please look forward to it and ill talk to you all soon.